A podcast series featuring the visionaries, producers and operators behind some of the world’s most exciting and innovative live experiences.

Joining the dots between disciplines, Tickets seeks to find out what goes into bringing amazing ideas, companies and concepts to life.

During season 1 we explored the future of spaces, places, and live entertainment.

For season 2 our focus honed in on the future of education, and how emerging forms of technology and entertainment are changing the ways we learn and interact.

Our guest list includes leading figures from some of the world's most creative companies, including Airbnb, Adobe, Betaworks, Duolingo, Kano Computing, Royal Albert Hall, Sonar Festival, SXSW, The New York Times, and Time Magazine.

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What people are saying about Tickets...

An excellent podcast, highly recommended. Howard keeps things moving organically - building on the guest’s answers, in real time, and asking astute follow-ups that create a dynamic back-and-forth.
His interjections are minimal, not overbearing, and they’re essential to the show’s thoughtful vibe.
For all its improvised feel, it’s also possible to detect a real structure holding Tickets together. Really great stuff. - The Lavin Agency speakers bureau

Tickets is curated, hosted, and produced by Howard Gray.

Howard is an entrepreneur, coach and educator originally from London and now based in New York City.
His background spans digital advertising, technology startups, and live entertainment.

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Season 2

Gary Chou & Christina Xu

S2 EP10: Gary Chou and Christina Xu on entrepreneurship education and harnessing the power of networks

Gary & Christina teach The 1k Challenge at the School of Visual Arts in New York. They're now sharing their learnings with other entrepreneurship educators.

File under: Education, Entrepreneurship, Kickstarter, Networks, Communities

David Lavin

S2 EP9: David Lavin on representing some of the world’s leading intellectual talent

The Lavin Agency represents some of the world’s leading intellectual talent; from bestselling authors Salman Rushdie and Margaret Atwood, to Angela Duckworth (Grit) and Steven Pinker (Enlightenment Now).

David talks about what really makes for a compelling speaker, where there’s space for new ideas in education, balancing risk and reward, and who’s really worth booking for the $10,000 keynote.

File under: Keynote Speaking, Talent Agencies, Entrepreneurship, Edutainment, Lifelong Learning

Daniel Pianko

S2 EP8: University Ventures’ Daniel Pianko on new opportunities in higher education

Daniel is Co-Founder and Managing Director at University Ventures, a New York-based venture capital firm focused on the future of higher education and the pathways that lead from education to employment.

In this wide-ranging conversation Daniel shares his insights into the importance of the live experience in learning, the knock-on effects of urbanization, and why having a great product can matter a lot less than you think.

File under: Higher Education, Hybrid Spaces, Startups, Unbundling

Marc Lewis

S2 EP7: Marc Lewis on running the world’s most awarded advertising school

You'll find the world's most awarded advertising school on the top floor of a former church and nightclub in a South London neighbourhood. It's called the School of Communication Arts, and its Dean is Marc Lewis.

In this entertaining and enlightening conversation, we talk about Marc’s personal journey from comedy clubs and tech startups to the world of education, coming back from a mental health crisis, and what it means to find your Telos.

File under: Purpose, Personalised Learning, Creativity, Mental Health

Todd Hansen

S2 EP6: SXSW’s Todd Hansen on live event programming and spotting talent & trends

Now hosting over 28,000 attendees each year, SXSW is one of the most recognised and respected live events on the planet. Todd Hansen is SXSW’s head of conference programming.

In this conversation, Todd shares insights into the programming team’s process, what makes for a compelling keynote, and how to handle one of the world’s most famous entrepreneurs showing up at 1 day’s notice.

File under: Live Events, Festivals, Curation, Programming, Trends

Andrea Rosen

S2 EP5: Adobe’s Andrea Rosen on creativity and the future of work

Over the last 10 years Adobe’s annual 99U conference has captured the imaginations of creative thinkers from around the world through its 2 day programme of talks, workshops and collaborations, featuring a who’s who of both industry leaders and rising talent.

In this conversation with Adobe’s Head of 99U Andrea Rosen, we talk about the future of work, how anybody can tap into their own creativity, and where to find some hidden opportunities for creative innovation.

File under: Creativity, Future of Work, Live Events, Curation, Trends

James Cooper

S2 EP4: betaworks’ James Cooper on building products, brands, and communities

James Cooper is the head of creative at the startup studio betaworks, working across a diverse range of projects from GIF sharing platforms to spatial design, voice recognition to meditation.

We talked about how we can use technology to escape technology, what betaworks look for when programming live events, the future of the shared experience, and the benefits to looking outside to find inspiration in an always-on digital world.

File under: Startups, Entrepreneurship, Technology, Live Experiences

Rob Fitzpatrick

S2 EP3: Rob Fitzpatrick on how to create compelling workshops, programs and products

Rob has been working in entrepreneurship and education for over 10 years as a founder, author and educator.

His first book ‘The Mom Test’ has become a staple of the startup world, and next up is ‘The Workshop Survival Guide’ — debunking many of the myths about experiential learning, and giving a helping hand to those wanting to deliver workshops that…work.

We talk about Silicon Valley accelerator programs, the importance of design in education, and the hidden reasons behind getting hired.

File under: Workshops, Facilitation, Education, Accelerators, Entrepreneurship

Laura Nestler

S2 EP2: Duolingo’s Laura Nestler on growing global communities

Laura Nestler is Duolingo’s global head of community, bringing together learners and teachers from a multitude of countries and cultures.

On this episode of Tickets we get into the art & science of building global communities, the unexpected secrets behind preserving a Duolingo streak, and compare notes on London’s best cocktail bars and fried chicken shops…

File under: Communities, Gamification, Languages

Alex Klein

S2 EP1: Kano co-founder Alex Klein on fostering curiosity and creation through technology

What have Harry Potter, Steve Wozniak, Los Angeles County School Board and the Indian Prime Minister got in common?

They’ve all been part of the story of Kano, a London based computer company intertwining technology, education and entertainment.

Today on Tickets I’m joined by Kano’s co-founder Alex Klein.

We talk about the future of collective experiences, overcoming the dark times as an entrepreneur, the key ingredients of a compelling Kickstarter campaign, and how a 6 year old’s question was the catalyst for what has become one of the most exciting new computer companies around.

File under: Education, Games, Technology, Edutainment

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